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My Atlantis Buddy [08 Jun 2007|01:39pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Who would be your best Stargate Atlantis buddy?

Sheppard: Get ready to tackle complex tactical situations and fight off many, many wraith. If you lived on Atlantis, you'd be spending most of your time alongside the newly promoted Lt. Colonel John Sheppard.
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Four weeks down... [08 May 2007|08:11pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

OK, so four weeks down means six episodes left to season three. We've seen the Return Part 2, which was quite a let down from the mid-season finale. RDA was a disappointment, and they really needed some better conclusion then Weir asking to stay. However, our heroic Lt Col Sheppard put on his usual sexy performance, hot as always, saving the day. We have seen Echoes, which had a nice shep-whump part. It was great how after their ear drums burst, Shep and McKay were lying in the infirmary, yelling. Shep was busting Mckay's chops on Celine Dion, Canadian Football and anything else Canadian. HAHA, and Rodney didn't even know it. We also so Irresponsible, the comedic return of Lucius and the anti-climactic final showdown between Kolya and Sheppard. And this forth week, the Tao of Rodney, which, due to a mix up at iTunes, have yet to see.

I paid for SGA, sat down with hubby to do some Shunking, and was deeply disappointed to realize that iTunes had sold me SG1's The Shroud instead. Not a big deal monetarily, as I was going to purchase The Shroud anyway, but a disappointment, none-the-less. Not only that, it is now Tuesday, two days after iTunes should have had SGA available. Yet, in typical fashion, SG-1 is out and SGA is lagging behind. I am getting desperate here people. I live in Japan. They JUST started to show SGA! There is no Sci-Fi available on the Armed Forces Network, and MGM is taking forever getting this show out on DVD. I mean, come on! Give a service girl a break.

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The 'Gates "Return"... [15 Apr 2007|07:19pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

They appeared right on time on iTunes this fine Sunday morning. I immediately downloaded and sync-ed them to my AppleTV. Rewatching the mid-season finale's before we watch the mid-season premiers.
SGA Return Pt. 2 was excellent. RDA seemed to call it in, though. However, it could have been that his character just seemed out of place in Atlantis vice the SGC. Too bad we didn't see more of the fall-out to the team's bucking orders. Maybe seen RDA give Sheppard a good ass-chewing followed by a atta-boy...
SG1 The Quest Pt. 2 was also good. I loved Teal'C's whole "what about Puff" line. I love that Carter punched Baal out! haha... the Humanizing of Vala (I've loved her character from the beginning).

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STARGATES!!!! [12 Apr 2007|09:09am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

13 April 2007, the last 10 episodes of Stargate SG-1 and the last half of season 3 for Stargate Atlantis will premier on Sci-Fi (or as more and more of us Gate Geeks like to call it, Skiffy). Now this means, being in Japan, and unable to get Sci-Fi, I will hopefully be able to download the two shows via iTunes and sync up my AppleTV sometime Sunday and watch it on my bigscreen TV.

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First Strike SPOILERS!!!! [13 Feb 2007|05:25pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I liked this episode. I liked JS using his gene for more than flying a puddle jumper, I liked the idea of him being in charge, even if it is just temporary (I DO like weir, but like seeing this guy in charge, as well), I liked how after he flew the city, he just seemed to KNOW something was wrong. I am looking forward to season 4.

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Stargate Atlantis [12 Feb 2007|02:44pm]
Having watched the last three seasons, I have to say SQUEEEEE! I was nervous hearing about all the 4th season changes coming up. Losing a number of characters and gaining some, including some characters we knew from other shows. However, after seeing the S3 fanale, I must say, I am now looking forward to it. I like one of the actors they brought on. I've followed her career for about 10 years now. As for the characters they are brining in from other shows. I have to say I am kind of looking forward to seeing how the SGA characters react and interact with them.
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Hair cut [12 Nov 2006|09:51pm]
I got my hair cut yesterday. It is funny, getting your hair cut by an asian beautician... they ARE NOT used to cutting curly hair. Another funny thing... they tried to talk me into getting my hair straightened AFTER they complained about having to perm THEIR straight hair to get any kind of body. HA. anywhoo, it isn't very pretty, but it is short enough that I won't have to wear it up in uniform. I got tired of trying to find ways to put it up, keep it up that were in regulation. I was starting to push it.
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